Blogs I follow

I’ll try and keep this list up-to-date but I make no promises. I can’t seem to find any automated tools to do this – get in touch if you know of any….

The categories are kind of arbitrary as lots of the people whose ideas I admire are, like me, intellectual magpies.

Archaeology stuff…

Excavations/research projects/organisations

Personal/research blogs

Digital archaeology

Public archaeology

Politics and policy

Other areas

Museums and so on

Future of knowledge

  • Ivry Twr | Early stage collective blog on how scholars communicate with each other and their wider audiences
  • The Scholarly Kitchen | News and advice on publishing and politics in the digital world
  • The Thesis Whisperer | Advice about being a PhD student in the digital (and non-digital) world
  • Crowdsourcing History | Crowdsourcing the transcription of historical manuscripts – based on a conference session
  • ArchivesINFO | The future of archives and cultural knowledge resources
  • Lisa @ Work | Lisa Rhody, an English PhD candidate and digital humanities fan
  • Melissa Terras’ Blog | Digital Humanities, cultural heritage and academia, even some museums stuff
  • Science of the Invisible | Alan Cann’s blog on new technology in higher education and its surroundings
  • Modern Mythology | Not sure where this one belongs. These guys look at the nature of narrative through a digital lens


  • Flick Drew This | Field archaeologist and mixed-media artist Flick Howell’s online portfolio and thoughts

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